Stay in Touch - Alumni

Brian Dragotto

Hey TCNJ Entrepreneurs, I’m Brian Dragotto, Chief Advisor to the Entrepreneurship Club and 2016 TCNJ graduate. I spent my days at TCNJ as a Finance major, winning video game contests, rowing crew, working for Johnson & Johnson, and starting my own social media app. As a graduate, I am a Team Wealth Manager at Merrill Lynch, financially planning for successful individual’s futures.

For those of you who know me, startups and small businesses are my favorite topic, and I am always happy to talk about your next venture that is going to change the world. For those of you who do not know me, why is that? If you are starting your own business and want to get some feedback, or you are just looking to introduce yourself, always feel free to reach out. Just ask anyone from the e-board for my email address and we can set up some time to chat.

Best of luck, TCNJ Entrepreneurs. I look forward to seeing you on Shark Tank and changing the world.

Brian Dragotto
Chief Advisor of TCNJEC
Team Wealth Manager Merrill Lynch
Co-Founder of Toboggan Apps

 Greg Perri

Greg Perri

How’s it going gang, I’m Gregorio Perri; the first TCNJEC Co-Marketer and Social Media Strategist. I’m a Management and Marketing graduate of TCNJ looking to become the next Don Draper (looking at you Mad Men fans). I have held past internships/jobs with various marketing firms and Ad agencies looking to gain the experience necessary for making it atop the Ad World!

Myself in a nutshell: I am a sports lover, wannabe world traveler, corny joke teller, Oreo cookie aficionado, and I’m very Italian. But, what most people don’t know about me, is that to get in touch with my Italian roots, I auditioned and was cast as an extra in MTV’s The Jersey Shore. Where you can see me fist-pumping the night away with Jersey’s finest.

Like much of the E-Board members, I have been with The TCNJ Entrepreneurs since Gregory Kaye, our founder, hatched this wonderful idea! This club has grown so much since then and it will only get bigger and better. Looking forward to the phenomenal and innovative years to come!

Joe Salamone

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World" - Mahatma Gandhi. 

What's going on? Joe here. I majored in Interdisciplinary Business major with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship during my time at TCNJ. I have been a part of the Entrepreneurship Club since we co-founded it in August 2015 with our original founder Greg Kaye. My roles included Administrator, Vice President, and then President. Looking back, It was an amazing experience. I could not have been involved in anything better. Through TCNJEC, I was able to work closely with individual members and keynote speakers to discuss, grow, and innovate business ideas.

I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. In middle school, I earned money by walking around my neighborhood to put up flyers to advertise my garage floor Epoxy painting business. After learning that physical labor was not where I wanted to make money, I switched to sales. I sold Power Balance bracelets at multiple bazaars until the fad ended. Needing another source of income, I started designing and selling my own brand of t-shirts known as Flip Up Shirts. Co-Founding the Entrepreneurship Club has been a dream since I entered TCNJ, so here's to creating leaders that innovate the world!

Neophytos Zambas, Co-marketer & Social Media Strategist

What’s up everyone! I’m Neophytos E. Zambas and I am a co-founding co-marketer for TCNJ’s Entrepreneurship club. Don’t worry, you can call me Neo. I majored in marketing and have a passion for entrepreneurship!

I grew up in a very Greek family, as both of my parents are refugees from the small island of Cyprus. They were extremely strict and they had a huge impact on my outlook when it comes to business. Since I was young, I knew that my goal was to start a business of my own and make my parents proud. As member, I want to aid in guiding you to follow your goals and starting your own businesses! 

I’m interested in soccer, food, technology of all sorts, food, all outdoor activities, and food. #NeoBook

I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas!

Nick Gallucci

Hello everyone, my name is Nick Gallucci.  I have been a part of the Entrepreneurship Club since its founding in 2015 and plan on being a part of it even after graduation. Through the Eclub, I have made countless new friends and met numerous successful entrepreneurs and local business owners.  Joining the club has been great for me and I look forward to seeing what it can accomplish in the future.

 Tom athan

Tom Athan

Ni hao, I'm Tom.  I'm a human male living on planet Earth.  I started my first business at 16. It's a YouTube channel where I post videos teaching magic tricks. My videos generate revenue from those pesky ads. That income led to an interest in investing, which in turn led to my decision to attend business school. 

During my time at The College of New Jersey I studied Finance and Mandarin Chinese. During my four years at TCNJ, I started another business, studied in Shanghai for a semester, captained my ultimate frisbee team, interned at two great companies, co-founded the entrepreneurship club and befriended many extraordinary people along the way. 

I am extremely fortunate to be alive and well and have a visceral motivation to make this world a better place through entrepreneurship.