Storytelling Breeds Success

On Nov. 14, the College’s Entrepreneurship Club had the luxury of sitting down with Cheryl McCants, a female entrepreneur with a great deal of insight and valuable work experience in the business world. During her lecture, McCants put a massive emphasis on the importance of storytelling. The ability to tell a story through her work, and to form lasting connections with business professionals, is what has allowed her to take on multiple leadership roles in the duration of her career.

McCants is the CEO of  Impact Consulting Enterprises, a company she founded in the late 1980s, which is located in East Orange, New Jersey. ICE is a communications firm focused on helping clients with their business models. At ICE, employees work with clients to improve their marketing, advertising and general communication skills.

McCants wasn’t always CEO of her own company. She began her college education at Brown University as a biomedical engineering major, with the intent to one day build the first bionic African American woman. Though she didn’t find herself interested in math, she discovered a passion for business at her college, and was able to switch majors and gain a strong understanding of the industry she would later excel in.

After graduating and starting up ICE, McCants was able to get involved in the television industry, and had her own talk show from the perspective of women. She also worked with massive corporations such as AT&T, Converse and MSNBC.

McCants demonstrated the importance of networking and learning from different people to students by making them participate in a game. She encouraged every single audience member to network with the individual sitting next to them. Each student learned about what the other student wished to do with entrepreneurship. McCants explained the importance of professional resources, such as Linkedin, and the need to grow your business network as much as possible because one never knows when a connection will be needed.

In the conclusion of the event, McCants had students play a game which quizzed them, testing their knowledge of different statistics in the entrepreneurial world. The majority of the audience did poorly, with many underestimating the amount of entrepreneurs and their impact in the world. Overall, the Entrepreneurship Club valued the time they had with McCants and the important lessons that she was able to impart from her valuable work experiences. McCants inspired students to make their can’ts into CANs and their dreams into PLANs.