Hi Friends! My name is Anna and I am a nursing student here at TCNJ. You're most likely to find me at the library or playing frisbee. As a nursing major, I never thought I would get much out of and entrepreneurship club but after tagging along with some friends to my first meeting, I was pleasantly surprised. Membership in TCNJEC has shown me that the principles of business extend to all aspects of life and that there are opportunities for entrepreneurship in every field, including healthcare. This club brings an innovative and welcoming environment to campus and I can't wait to be a part of it's continued growth!


What’s up guys!? I am Anthony and I am currently studying abroad in Italy! I am heavily involved in the club as a member of the Networking Committee. This puts me in charge of contacting other entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and clubs. I help organize guest speakers and other major events so if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to reach out to me! One of my goals includes bringing in passionate speakers who will motivate the members of our club to strive for greatness and achieve their goals. I also plan to expand our club as much as possible by gaining recognition not only among all of the schools within TCNJ yet with surrounding universities.

As for my personal life, I am currently a sophomore Finance major. I grew up in Northern New Jersey, so I will argue with you if you refer to Philadelphia as “the city” or refer to Taylor Ham as “Pork Roll”. I am of Italian, Croatian and German descent and plan to visit all three countries in the spring semester when I study abroad. I have been playing organized sports my entire life and currently play on the Varsity Football team here at TCNJ. I cannot wait to meet all of our new members and catch up with all of our current members this upcoming semester! We are the future leaders in this world so let’s start innovating!



Hey all my name is Daniel and I am a finance major at TCNJ. I enjoy learning about history and keeping up to date with current events and politics. I love to travel and I have traveled around the world all in the hope of making more connections and experiencing new culture. If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I have strong passion to come up with new and intruding ideas, whether that be a new business or product. Therefore, my first mission at TCNJ was to find the college’s entrepreneurial club and promptly join it. I am also glad to have the opportunity to be part of the networking committee because I love meeting and interacting with new people. I am excited to bring great speakers to club meetings to better the club and its member’s knowledge about the business world!



Hello, everyone! My name is Daytwan and I am a student from Trenton, New Jersey majoring in Accounting. I am also on the TCNJ Football team. I initially joined the club to learn about confident communicating in the workplace, however, as soon as I seen the vast amount of opportunities that this club offered, I knew it was something I had to be part of. I know the Entrepreneurship Club will assist me in starting a business and nonprofit organization.



Student, intended Finance major at The College of New Jersey; terrible at bios.


Dylan is the most handsome student at TCNJ, according to his mother. He’s a biology major, and is attempting a double minor in psychology and computer science, because he likes to suffer. His professional goals lie in the biotechnology industry, specifically in the potential application of research conducted in cognitive and physiological neuroscience within consumer technology and healthcare appliances, as well as app development. As someone who aspires to enter the startup field, TCNJEC struck him as the place to be, after being recommended to attend by Joe Salamone, shortly before Spring 2016. He enjoys the diverse group of members from all walks of life and all types of background, and appreciates the varied perspectives they bring to the world of innovation.


Hello everyone, my name is Erik, and I am a student athlete at The College of New Jersey. I joined the entrepreneurship club because of the opportunities and experiences it offers for its members. I hope to continue learning and learn further lessons that will help me excel in the future. 


Hi everyone! My name is Georgann and I'm a Marketing and Communication Studies major here at The College of New Jersey! Growing up with a father that is an entrepreneur has sparked my interest and wanting to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Since high school, I have had the opportunity to go to trade shows, go on business meetings, and see the facilities where everyday items are created and produced. Being able to have a hands on experience has broadened my interest in marketing, sales, and overall, entrepreneurship. My love for business continues to grow as I experience different opportunities and real life situations.

The first time I heard about TCNJEC, I knew it was the club for me. The people are what drew me into the club. Being surrounded by intelligent, quick thinking, and creative people was the most welcoming part. I realized everyone that is in the club wants to further themselves while helping others achieve their goals. The atmosphere that TCNJEC brings is outstanding and there is no club that can compare to this one on campus. Being on the executive board brought me so many opportunities and a second home. I'm so lucky to consider the other members to be my close friends and go to business connoisseurs. I cannot wait to see the future of this organization and continue to be apart of the amazing events that occur with TCNJEC.



My name is James, Marketing Major @TCNJ. I am both an outdoorsman and a businessman; with a desire to gain useful knowledge to input within the professional realm. I joined the E-club to explore my natural entrepreneurial spirit and network with its quality members. There is some sort of lesson to grab out of every E-club meeting, providing members with numerous opportunities to further develop themselves.

Additionally, I like dogs.



Hi guys! I'm Jason Czajkowski and I am a student here at TCNJ. I am currently studying Industrial and Organizational Psychology with the hope of pursuing a career in Human Resources. I joined the club to learn about confident communicating in the workplace from a business standpoint. Although the psychology major is not business-related, my plan to pursue Human Resources will require that I gain knowledge about the business world! I am an identical twin and love basketball and track. As a member of the community service committee, I hope to bring novel ideas to the club and to proudly represent this club within the community.



Hey guys, my name is Justin Ngai and I am currently a nursing major here at TCNJ. I first became a part of TCNJ Entrepreneurship Club after attending one of the pitch competitions in Spring 2016 and have loved being a part of it since then. President Joe was nice enough to reach out and get me to come out to meetings, which I cannot appreciate enough of, because it has opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. I always knew that I wanted to learn more and hopefully have a business aspect in my future and this club was able to provide me with new opportunities that I could not have had without the club. I really hope the experience I had from joining this club can be reciprocated to as many people as possible, because it really opened a new door for me. Excited for big things to come from this ever-growing club!


Hello everyone! My name is Sabrina. I am from Ewing, New Jersey majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in IO and hopefully Logistics. I joined EC at the beginning of the spring semester of 2016 as a way of getting more involved. As soon as I seen the vast amount of opportunities that this club offered, I knew it was something I had to be part of. EC is a student run initiative that offers you experience that equips you for the real world and inspires students to pursue their lifetime goals. EC has assisted me in developing my business ideas and provided the resources to turn these ideas into opportunities. Since getting involved I have been given numerous opportunities to network with spirited entrepreneurial leaders, pitch my ideas, gain valuable feedback, as well as get connections that opened the doors to my first internship at Savvy Marketers! Along the way I quickly developed great relationships with like-minded students/members of the organization that might not have been readily exposed to me if not for EC. I look forward to continuing this growth process through EC while preparing to launch my new idea/product in a few years! I hope to see it in the hands of almost every person WHEN it succeeds!


Hello all! Sam here. I'm a business management major here at TCNJ. I love juggling, playing Super Smash Brothers, and CHICKENS. I'm just starting out as an entrepreneur and really excited to to learn as well to share the knowledge I've learned through the years. Most people know me for my wacky snot removal idea and silly presenting style, so I hope I can bring many more laughs as well as some unique ideas to the club. 



Hello, everyone! My name is Soniya, and I am an Accounting major at TCNJ. I have been a member of the Entrepreneurship Club at TCNJ for the past two semesters. I first heard about the club through the weekly School of Business emails, at the time that the club was originally created. I went to the first interest session and fell in love with the club’s mission ever since. Although I was not really intending on starting my own business, I wanted to learn a lot about the skills needed to thrive in the business world and to start a business. I truly believe that our future entrepreneurs can make a huge impact on the world today.