Meet the Executive Board.

TCNJEC wants to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make our club a success. None of it could be accomplished without the help from all of our members, TCNJ staff, and TCNJ alumni.


Niki Taneja, Vice President

Hey guys! I’m Niki, a Finance and Health and Exercise double major here at TCNJ along with being an elected business school senator. My role as treasurer is to provide the club with cost efficient ways to provide the club with different events to network and gain life-long skills.

I was hooked from the start, sitting in on my first TCNJEC meeting, I had no idea that one club was going to impact me so greatly, but I am beyond thankful that I came out of my cooped up dorm that cold winter night. I made some amazing friends, had some good food, and gained so much knowledge that I’ll carry on with me even after TCNJ. TCNJEC has changed my entire experience at TCNJ and I look forward to being able to make that impact on all of you !

Matt Koch, Chief Advisor

I am the current Chief Advisor within the club. I focus on helping students get their ideas down on paper and direct them toward the best resources. I study Criminology. I am also a part of Res Life as the SMRO of Eickhoff Hall and a DA in the apartments. Outside of TCNJ, I am a marshal for Ferko Stringband each year in Philly. I greatly enjoy outdoor activities including fishing, kayaking, and hiking. I spend most of my summers as a supervisor of the water park department at “Clementon Park and Splash World.” Even though I am not a current business owner, the club has helped me improve problem solving, networking, public speaking, planning, and many more life skills. I strongly believe this club can benefit every student on campus for we have a very diverse set of resources and members in the club.

DJ Kleinbard, Co- Marketer & Blog Specialist

DJ is a Marketing major, Journalism minor at TCNJ.  He joined the club back in the Fall of 2015, when the club originated. He was drawn to the social environment where members could bounce ideas off of one another.  DJ loves sports and plans to pursue a career in the industry after graduation.  While he does not have his own business, he hopes the club can continue to teach him how to be innovative and entrepreneurial, two important skills that he would like to take with him, not only into the sports industry, but also into life.


Alec Lipanovski, Treasurer

Hey guys! My name is Alec Lipanovski and I am currently an open options business major here at TCNJ. I joined the Entrepreneurship Club during my freshman fall semester just to go on the Daymond John trip, but I immediately fell in love with everything that the club had to offer. Nothing inspires me more than seeing fellow college students like myself come together every week to share their crazy business ideas and network with each other. Whether we're having a quick pitch competition, hosting seminars featuring successful entrepreneurs, or watching someone pretend to be a monkey in front of fifty business students, there is really never a dull moment at our meetings. Aside from TCNJEC, I am also an Associate Board member of TCNJ's College Union Board. I am so glad that I decided to become involved in the Entrepreneurship Club and can't wait for the many more meetings to come!

Greg Vaks, Networker

Hello fellow entrepreneurs!  My name's Greg. While at TCNJ, I am the Entrepreneurship Club Networker.  My role consists of any sort of outreach to speakers, clubs, schools, etc. If you have any ideas at all that you'd like to see happen during the year I'm the person to go to and connections that I can speak to are also appreciated! 

I am a junior finance and computer science double major with aspirations to start my own tech firm.  You may see me in various other organizations as I am heavily involved on campus as well as currently working at the Student Center.  

My goals specifically for the club include having it grow to have at least two major events that we host or cosponsor every semester! Also, I would love to have a portfolio of startups that are owned by various members in the club.  When I first spoke with our founder, Greg Kaye, the notion of this club was just a seed planted into our minds.  As we executed and "planted" it in the 2015 Fall Semester TCNJEC was nurtured and the idea was brought to life into what it is today: a gathering of entrepreneurs, sharing of ideas/business, mutually beneficial advice, experienced speakers, and many other exciting events/topics.